How to View Saved WiFi Password on Android without Root

Android offers you very useful and specific features. But it doesn’t have several features that other operating systems contain. Here we are getting to explain one among them and therefore the solution there too.

Without root privileges, you will not be able to view saved Wi-Fi passwords on your Android device. And also, Android has not given an official solution to beat this limitation. But there are some nonofficial methods to ascertain the saved Wi-Fi passwords without rooting. Follow these steps that we give in this article.

View Saved Android Wi-Fi Passwords without Root Your Smartphone

Okay, Let’s start the method. First of all, I need to remind you that before trying this method, you want to connect your Android phone to the wireless network that you simply want to ascertain the password. Using this method, you’ll find your wifi network password.

There is an option called “Share Wi-Fi Network” (via QR Code) on tons of Android devices. If you’re employing a Samsung device, then follow the below steps.

1. Go to Your Phone Settings -> Wi-Fi.

Android Settings – View Wifi password without root

2. You will see a small gear icon or settings icon besides Wi-Fi network name. Click on it.

3. Tap the button whose name is “QR Code” or “Tap to Share Password” -> Save as Image Then it’ll create the QR code.

4. Then visit the Play Store & Download a QR Scanner app.

5. Open the QR Scanner App & Scan the generated QR code.

6. Now, you will get the wifi network name and its password.

How to View-Saved-WiFi-Password-Router-Login

  • First open your web browser.
  • Then fill or in the search bar. For Huawei, Routers attend 192.168.8
  • Type username and password in the applicable fields
  • Default username-Admin
  • Default password-Admin
  • Click the Login button.
  • Now you may be redirected to the Settings page.
  • View-wifi-network-password-router

How to Find Wi-Fi Password through Your Wi-Fi Router

  • First go to the admin panel of your wi-fi router.
  • Navigate to the “Settings” Page.
  • Then go to Wireless->Wireless Security – Here, you will view your Wi-Fi password.
  • If you don’t remember your wi-fi router username or its website to access the settings page, then follow the steps to access the Settings page.

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