How to Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV

It is not as easy as you think, like signing out from your Amazon account because logging out of an Amazon Prime account is really different than you think. Quietly not possible if you are signing out and signing in all time like facebook logging. It is limited and you have to make these changes only for a limited time.

On your Smart TV, if you are going to watch Amazon Prime for the first time then you need your Amazon username and password to watch it online. While watching TV shows on Amazon Prime, suddenly in your house the guest came, so you can’t do these logging out from TV itself. No Amazon Signing out options are available in the Smart TV. Amazon fire stick helps you to play these movies, TV shows, episodes, games easily through your Wi-Fi connection.

Nowadays all Smart TV acts as a desktop version that can enable you to access all online activities on the same network like watching YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, HBO Max, etc. So what we have to do…Here is the perfect guide for logging out of Amazon Prime Video on your Smart TV.

Logging Out of Amazon Prime Video on Smart TV

1. Visit Amazon’s official website on your Smart TV or Laptop or Desktop.

2. Sign in to your account by using login credentials.

3. On Homepage, from the drop-down menu, select “Accounts & Lists”.

4. Choose the option “Your Video Library”.

5. From Your Account you have to select “Your devices and content”.

6. On the list of devices there you have to click on the “Deregister” button which is placed under the name of your Smart TV.

That’s it..You have been successfully signed out of Amazon Prime Video from your Smart TV.

My simple way to keep all this process in a finger tip is by using this kind of access on my smartphone by installing Amazon Prime Video app. Because this helps to access all activities like enabling and disabling connection to TV by easily toggle on or off on the smartphone itself. Changing passwords is too easy if you do it on your mobile device. So claim this feature on your mobile and simplify everything.

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