How to Scan Music on Snapchat

Snapchat has added a new feature for song search by just scanning the audio. This additional feature gets added on the app because of a better partnership with Shazam. 

From this way you can easily identify who sings a song on Snapchat and the title of the played song within a minute. Another option is you can also buy your favorite song which you are going to download on your phone if you are really interested.

Whenever you are doing music scanning on Snapchat app you need to play your song loudly in the phone background for better scan. If the song is present in the Shazam library database then it will bring those songs in front of you within a minute. Here is an interesting feature that you can play a song contest with your friends using app itself.

Music Scanning on Snapchat

Now learn how to use this Shazam feature on Snapchat using simple steps

1. Open the Snapchat app.

2. On the camera screen, tap the Emoji icon.

3. After that click the Scan icon here.

4. At the Scan icon, you need to scroll to the left side and select the music icon.

5. While tapping the music icon you make sure that the song is really playing loudly in the background.

6. Now Press and hold your phone’s screen to identify the song in the app.

7. This process helps to identify the song with the help of Shazam.

8. The app will display the song title. Now you may open ‘Song Info’ for more details about the song.

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