How to Run Android Apps on PC without Emulator

If you are looking for a solution on how to run android apps on a PC without an emulator, you are at the right place. Here in this article, we will provide you the step by step procedure using which you will be able to run android apps on PC without an android emulator.

Before jumping into the process straightway, let’s understand what is meant by Emulator?

What is Emulator and its use?

Emulator is nothing but a software that lets you simulate another device on your own Device.

This software assists you to run other platforms Software’s on your own device. 

You will be able to run emulators in order to simulate android or ios applications on our Desktop screen.

There are many android emulators out there, it takes some time to install and run this emulator on your PC. Since it occupies a lot of data in downloading and installing it.  Here are some easiest ways that you can follow to Run Your Android Apps On PC without having android emulators installed.

Using Chrome Extension

This is one of the simplest ways to run an android app on my PC . For this you just have to download and run one extension on your chrome browser

If you don’t know that we can Use Chrome Extensions to run android apps then Here we will discuss all the steps to be followed to run an android app on your PC without an emulator.

Run an Android App on Your PC without Emulator

Using Phoenix OS 

By installing Phoenix OS on your device, you can use Android apps on your PC. The above method is easy but it sucks if your device graphics are low. So we recommend you to install Phoenix OS. So that you can easily run Android apps on your PC

That’s it, we have provided two methods which you can use to run Android apps on your PC. If you know any other method. Post it in the comment section. 

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