How to Play Valorant on Chromebook by Linux

Chromebook is different in all aspects when compared to other devices because it’s a bit more complicated than other OS. Playing games is a little more difficult on this device. But using Windows and Linux support we can make these video games even easier than you think. Linus operating system supports playing games while running.

You already know the digital game namd as Steam and it was officially supported by Linux OS. You can download this game and play it on your Chromebook without going into developer mode. No need to use Crouton here for better performance.

Why Valorant? Because nowadays from young to old people they really like to experience this game on their desktop or laptop. So they are trying to run this game on their chromebook for a better user experience like playing this game while on bed otherwise on traveling like that. That game running will be possible if you got support from Linux OS. Let’s do that simple process below in this article with step by step instructions.

A little intro about Valorant which was published in the year 2020. I think it was specifically released in the June month of the 20th century that only supported Windows OS in their early days. It’s free to download and enjoy the game. The Video Game was developed by Riot Games (one of the most popular FPS titles so far). The Valorant game doesn’t consume more RAM space and it’s more fast and comfortable than you think. This game has interesting agent characters, likely named as Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel, etc., and you can pick those agent roles to play their default style under certain stages.  Now people like to play this game on their Chromebook but Riot is not officially releasing this game on this book yet. 

Steps to Play Valorant on Chromebook

1. First install Linux with Wine on Chromebook.

2. Visit the official Valorant website and download the game from there with your supported language version.

3. Now head over to RIOT games sites and create an account there.

4. Try to download the file “install valorant.exe” from the site.

5. Once successfully downloaded the valorant file moves that file into the Linux folder.

6. Goto the terminal and input command like – wine “Install Valorant.exe” and it takes at least a few minutes to complete the entire installation.

7. After the completion then you have to restart your Chromebook device.

8. Once it starts, run this game on your Google device.

Enjoy your game on your Chromebook device without any hesitation.

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