How to Open QR Code Scanner on iPhone

If you know what you are doing correctly on your iPhone then it’s an easy to scan QR codes.

If you don’t know then you are in a right place to know about this process step by step.

The QR code helps you to communicate and store information digitally on your phone. Like coupon codes, site links, payment links that are stored in QR codes that easily make you to access information quickly than you think.

However Apple inbuilt Camera has a QR code reader feature which recognize every information without using any third-party apps.

Scan QR Code on your iPhone

  1. Open iPhone Camera App.
  2. Hold the camera in the right angle because it clearly visible while scanning the QR Code.
  3. Now your iPhone device recognize the information properly.
  4. It will show you instant notification on top of the bar.
  5. Tap those notification that would be taken you to the destination of the QR code.

These are the five steps to easily access your QR Code Scanner on your iPhone device.

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