How to Make a Reel on Instagram with Photos

Instagram Reels are essentially made from videos. But sometimes, one wants to feature a still picture to the Reel. As an example, you would possibly want to share your travel pictures in Reel. You’d wonder, ‘Can you create a Reel with photos?. The solution is yes. you’ll make Instagram Reels with both photos and videos on a smartphone. How do I do this on Android and iOS? You’ll find the solution here.

How to Add Still Photo to Instagram Reels

You will be able to make Instagram Reels with photos with the following steps given below

Add Photos Directly to Instagram Reels

Previously, the app was not allowing you to add photos on to Reels section. You’d get the ‘Photos aren’t supported in Reels’ error once you clicked on the Gallery option. Fortunately, that has changed and now you’ll add pictures on to Instagram Reels. Before we move ahead, I might recommend you update the app on your Android phone or iPhone.

1. Once you have updated the app, open the Instagram app and navigate to the Reels screen.

2. After this, hit on the Gallery icon available on the bottom-right corner. Open the folder where the photo has which you would like to upload by tapping the small down arrow at the top. 

3. In the next page, you can adjust the video created with the still photo. Press and drag extreme corners to adjust the length. Hit the Add button to add it to your Reel.

4. You will be taken to the recording screen. Now, if you would like to feature more photos to your Reel, repeat the above steps. That is, tap on the Gallery button and choose the specified photo or video from your Gallery.

5. Just in case you would like to feature multiple photos to your Reel, tap on the Select multiple icon once you need to choose photos. If the Select multiple icon isn’t available, touch and hold any of the photos. The choice circle will appear on the image. Tap on the photos that you simply want to pick. Tap on Next to travel to the editing screen. Here you’ll be ready to adjust the video length of photos one by one.

6. Choose multiple photos that you would want to add in Reel

7.. After you are done adding all the photos, you will be able later add text, music, and audio to your Reels.

We hope you are ready to add photos to Reels on Instagram using the above methods. While the primary method should be enough, the alternate method will help you if the first doesn’t work. To further spruce up your game, you’ll use free Reel editing apps to make interesting and unique videos.

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