How to Get Rid of Google Search Suggestions in Chrome

Whenever you type your search query on Google Chrome browser it shows all of your Google search suggestions and also all of your misspelled queries. 

It’s really annoying while doing other searches because everytime it pops up in the windows it reminds me of these errors. But we can easily get rid of these Google search suggestions from Google Chrome browser easily by following simple steps. People like to browse on the Google Chrome browser and type something in the web address bar which is the largest company to handle those millions of searches everyday from their heat servers. 

Some examples like students going to submit their assignments then they google it easily and print out everything neatly and done. Another one is if you don’t know how to cook your cooking then YouTube search engine helps to prepare your dish or google search suggestions also helps you to somewhere landing on their preferred blog to find your favorite recipe. And one more thing about the gaming sector, you can even play google games online by accessing their Google homepage easily. 

So how do we search? Quietly by typing fast. Yes, absolutely correct. We are typing fast while searching it on Google. 90% of us will make some spelling mistakes while typing in the search bar. What Google search suggestions actually does is automatically fill that phrase or sentence and bring that mistake phrase or search term over and over again. What do we do? The good news is Google will forget their mistakes if we tell them. So how we can say(do)…Let’s make it simple in Google Chrome browser

Method 1: Remove Single Auto Suggestion in Chrome

1. Goto your Chrome browser.

2. Type your mistaken address in the search bar.

3. It will bring that misspelled auto suggestion web address in Chrome address bar.

4. Scroll down to the incorrect auto suggestion term which is highlighted.

5. Click the X button on the highlighted search term.

6. It’s done. You won’t see that auto suggestion term anymore on that browser until you make another misspelled term.

1. Launch Google Chrome and visit

2. On the bottom right side corner you will see the Settings option. Open it.

3. Select “Search Settings” from the menu option.

4. There you need to scroll down to the “Autocomplete with trending searches” option.

5. From there select “Do not show popular searches”.

6. Finally click the Save button.

That’s it and this is the best way to clear all your auto google search suggestion terms from chrome browser easily.

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