How to Disable Chat in Google Meet

You already know that Google is trying to push Google Meet notifications by promoting it in Gmail App.

Those people who are not really interested in Google Meet and Hangouts then you are in a right place to turn off these options in 5 simple steps.

Let’s Disable it…

Steps to Disable Google Meet Chat

1. First Login into your Gmail Account.

2. Open Gmail Inbox.

3. On Top-Right Corner, Click the ‘Settings‘ button.

4. From Gmail Settings drop down, there you have to click ‘Settings‘ option.

5. On Settings Tab, select ‘Chat and Meet‘ option.

6. First disable the Hangouts Chat option by choosing ‘Chat Off‘ button.

7. Then secondly turn off the Google Meet option by clicking ‘Hide the Meet section in the main menu‘ option.

8. Reload your Gmail account.

That’s it finally both the Google Meet and Hangouts Chat sections has been disappeared from the Gmail App sidebar.

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