How to Delete Pins on Pinterest

Do you know that Pinterest is an American Social Media site that encourages you to share images in animated GIFs and high quality videos using pinboards. The headquarters of this company, Inc is in San Francisco, California. Ben Silbermann is now the CEO of this Multi Million Dollar Company “Pinterest”, Inc. Around 480 million people are actively using this website and sharing their information over the internet. This statistics which is updated as of March 2021 so far. 

Pinterest Analytics is like Google Analytics which clearly shows all datas and information in an latest graphical presentation. It is a free website to surf all content but you need to register to access advanced features from the site. The Apps are available in both Android and iOS versions. 

Recently the app is also available for Windows 10 PC users who experience the new world within their laptop. In the year 2016, Pinterest officially launched their video player that helps users to upload their brandable videos and store their unlimited clips at free of cost. It implemented the new search feature that allows you to make image searches instead of word search.

If you need to clean your Pinterest content or you try to save the pins on the wrong board, then you have to know how to properly delete those pins from your account. This method is 100% possible to delete whether a single item or bulk items.

Note: This process is applicable for both Android and iOS apps. But this article clearly explains how to unpin on website.

Remove Your Pinterest Pin

Here is a step by step procedure to unpin on Pinterest website.

  1. Visit the pin page that you need to delete from your account.
  2. Click the Pencil icon.
  3. On the left side bottom you see the Delete button. Click on it. (Once it got deleted you can’t restore those pin never. So be sure to make decision before you take action on there)
  4. Select the Delete Pin button to remove the pin from there. That’s it.

Delete Bulk Pins from Pinterest account

It is possible that you can remove multiple pins at a single click. Through apps you can’t make this deletion because this bulk delete option is not available now.

  1. First you have to choose the board that contains multiple pins for deletion.
  2. Click the Organize button which helps you to select all your pins at once.
  3. From there you have to select the pins that you are going to delete right now. The checkmark will appear at the bottom right corner once you select those pins.
  4. Once it is selected then Move, Copy and Delete buttons will show. Here you can choose the Move option if you want to move those pins to different groups.
  5. Now select the Delete button and click again to confirm the deletion.

This is the best way to delete your pins from the board itself. If you like this post then share this blog post with your friends circle through social media apps.

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