How to Delete Paytm Account from Your Stolen or Lost Phone

If you know how to contact and speak to customer care then you can easily remove your Paytm account from your lost phone by calling Paytm Payments Bank helpline number. Sometimes this helpline number gets engaged so you need to follow the mentioned emergency step by step guide to prevent your account details by deleting it from your stolen mobile.

Nowadays all of our personal and business secrets are kept in a digi locker which is freely available in apps like Paytm on mobile smartphones. Every detail such as google accounts, documents, Identities, Personal files, Images, bank accounts, PAN, TIN etc all details are stored in mobile. 

So if anything goes wrong with our smartphone then a huge question mark will arise about these kinds of details. Each and every person nowadays uses their mobile for all payment transactions and uses apps like Google Pay, Paytm, BHIM app, PhonePe, etc. which are installed and updated on our phones.  What will happen when we lose this mobile? All of our personal details and bank account information will get lost.

Maybe your brilliant mind says that my phone got locked and passwords have been set. But in reality there are a billion ways to brute force these passcodes easily in a strange way. So it’s our duty to protect all accounts and take necessary steps to prevent them. This is an essential step that you need to take action immediately once your mobile gets stolen or lost or damaged or your Paytm app crashed.  

There are more ways to remove all your digital payments apps from your mobile phone. Here we are going to discuss how to remove your Paytm account from your smartphone which has been stolen or lost.

Remove Your Account by Using Paytm App Itself

  1. Launch Paytm app from any smartphone.
  2. On Homescreen, Click the Three Lines button at the top left.
  3. Go to 24×7 help.
  4. Visit Profile Settings.
  5. There you need to Enter your registered Mobile Number which you are going to remove from your stolen phone.
  6. Select the option ‘I lost my phone/I want to block my account’.
  7. Now choose ‘I want to block my account to prevent it from misuse’
  8. Click ‘Message Us’.
  9. A form will be prompt and enter your registered mobile number there.
  10. Kindly provide your screenshot of your KYC documents such as Debit/Credit Card Transaction details which are done on the account, Mobile Postpaid Number Proof, Paytm SMS Transaction proof, Police Complaint proof, etc.
  11. Now Paytm will verify the documents and send you a confirmation message about blocking your account on your stolen/lost mobile phone.

Delete Account By Using Paytm Helpline Number

  1. Now try to Call Paytm Payments Bank Helpline Number – 0120 4456456
  2. Select the option ‘Report loss or unauthorized usage of wallet, debit card or savings account’.
  3. Select ‘Lost Phone’ and enter your Lost Mobile Number.
  4. Finally Select ‘Block Paytm Account’ option. That’s it.

These are the best ways to prevent your account details and I kindly request you to immediately delete your Paytm Account from your lost/stolen phone.

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