How to Copy Your Discord Profile Link using Copy ID

If you think copying Discord profile links is difficult then it will be complicated. If you think about it in a positive way it will be very easy. So read this article for further moves to make this process to do. When comparing with other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc you can easily get and share those profile links easily but not here in this platform.

Discord does not implement the copy function on their platform till now. So you need to do it manually by just using the copy/paste option.

Why are we using Discord? To make users add you as a friend. How can we make this process simple? By giving and sharing the profile link in url format. That way they will easily accept you as a friend with one click. Otherwise people have to use your Username on the Discord search tab and add it from there.

By copying your Discord ID we will easily make those copy ID into url within a minute.

1. Log in to your Discord App account by using a mobile app.

2. On the navigation bar, you have to click on your profile picture. There you’ll be able to see your username and profile picture. 

3. To copy App ID, we need to tap on three dot buttons from the profile banner. (On Desktop you need to enable developer mode option by clicking “User Settings”)

4. There you’ll find an option to copy your ID. Click the “Copy ID” button and save it.

5. Now we are going to create a profile ID with a copy/paste option. Modify this url as “” to like this “” by pasting your COPY ID there.

6. Check this URL correctly working or not by using Chrome, Safari, Firefox browsers on both mobile and desktop devices.

7. Once it is confirmed that it correctly visits your profile page then send your profile link to all of your friends and families. Now they will be able to see your “Send Friend Request” button easily through their browsers.

Now you are able to send your profile link instead of Discord username and tags and they will connect you easier than ever with detailed profile picture and biography information. If you like this social media how-to post then kindly share this article with your social network to increase this knowledge.

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