How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S21 to PC

By connecting Samsung Galaxy S21 to Windows PC, you’ll be able to transfer your files and data from mobile devices to laptop or desktop within a second. You can even attend your phone calls over PC by attending them.

Before we begin this Samsung mobile connectivity process we need to create a Microsoft account (here there is no tutorial for how to create a Microsoft account and you can easily get this one by visiting from your Windows PC and OS should be above Windows 10 version 1803. 

Linking Galaxy S21 to Your Computer

Learn how to properly connect Samsung Galaxy S21, S20 mobile series into your Windows 10 PC or laptop by following step by step instructions which are mentioned below.

1. On your Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone, you need to open the “Settings” app.

2. There you have to scroll down and find “Advanced Features”.

3. On the Advanced Features menu option you’ll see the “Link to Windows” option.

4. Slide it to Enable the feature once the setup is completed.

5. Click on the “Link to Windows” option and you’ll be able to see an option named as “Link your phone and PC”.

6. Tap that option and then allow Your Phone Companion to take pictures and record video. This needs a QR code reader.

7. If you have a Microsoft account then continue the process, if you don’t have an account, then create a new one by following the on-screen instructions there.

8. The link will automatically open on your Windows PC as in the homepage on your favorite browser. And this link opens up your Mobile App in Windows and will display a QR code option. Scan this QR code by using your Samsung Galaxy S21.

9. Allow Windows 10 access to your phone by clicking the button on the mobile screen. Confirm it.

10. The phone displays a welcome message and taps “Get Started” to continue the process and this tapping enables all your notifications, photos, apps, documents access on your PC.

11. But showing and receiving notifications and calls on your PC requires more setup to be done on your smartphone. Follow the ongoing instruction to enable this additional feature on your phone.

12. Apps mirroring(Casting) is a new feature where you can allow and access all your mobile apps on Windows 10 PC by enabling them.

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