How to Clear PhonePe History

Delete PhonePe Transaction History: Here you will get information about how to delete Phonepe transaction history permanently in 2021.

The PhonePe lets users transact online without any difficulties and with the PhonePe app, the user can send or receive money in a lightning fast fashion. Since most of us do many transactions in our day to day life. Our PhonePe transaction history is loaded with a bunch of transactions, and some of us want to clear it for some reason.

What is PhonePe?

PhonePe is a UPI based mobile payment platform in India. People can use this application to send or receive money directly with their bank account without any fees, Even if you don’t register your contact address.

For each transaction made through the PhonePe app, the platform gives a scratch card, you will either get cashbacks or coupons which will go straight into your wallet.

The PhonePe application is a safe and secure platform that runs 24/7 to help you send and receive money. Even on bank holidays and weekends you can make transactions with the PhonePe app. This app also has MPIN features. Because of this, whenever you do any transaction, you have to enter this MPIN to get authorized to the app.

PhonePe has a history page, where it shows all the transactions that you have done. It has money transfer, purchase a mutual fund, or pay a credit card bill history. But for some reason, people want to clear their PhonePe history. Here in the steps below, we have provided steps using which you will be able to delete your PhonePe transaction history.

Remove PhonePe Transaction History

Follow these steps below to Delete PhonePe Transaction History in the PhonePe app

  1. First open the PhonePe app on your device and log in to it.
  1. After this, open your PhonePe Transaction History.
  1. Now, select the history that you would like to delete.
  1. Tap on “Delete transaction” for the old version
  1. If you are using a new version of the app, then tap “Contact Support”
  1. In the next step, type this in the given space “Hello sir, I would like to hide or delete this transaction for some personal issues”.
  1. Once you are done typing this, send this message as a new ticket.
  1. After some time, the support team will reach out to you about the request for confirmation.

So we have provided the complete guide on how to delete the PhonePe account permanently. As stated above, there is no option to clear the PhonePe transaction, the only way to clear or delete the transaction is by contacting the support team.

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