How to Check Laptop Battery Health in MS Windows 10

Nowadays last longing batteries are used in latest laptops especially in Microsoft products. We already know that lithium-ion batteries are not impressive in performance.

So it’s time to check their health status detail by following step by step process.

Check Windows 10 Laptop Battery Health

1. On Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System, kindly press the Windows Key + X key button.

2. The Pop-up menu appears with various options.

3. Choose the Windows PowerShell (Admin) option. This option will ask for you to permit to make changes to your System

4. Accept that option.

5. Enter the code into PowerShell as powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\battery-report.html”

6. Press Enter button to run the above command.

7. After the command run, the PowerShell will return on the display screen as “Battery life report saved to file path C:\battery-report.html.”

8. Close the Windows PowerShell.

9. Now Open File Explorer.

10. Open Local Disk (C:) drive. There you will see a html document file as battery-report.

That’s it. There you have to open that html document in your favorite browser (I prefer Google Chrome browser) to see your laptop current battery status report. It includes information such as battery health, usage history, capacity, estimation, usage statistics, etc.,

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