How to Change PSN Name Again for Free

In this guide we are going to learn about how to change PSN name again for free without hesitation. To change your Sony PlayStation Network name, kindly follow the below instructions very carefully.

Change Your PSN Name in System

1. Visit “Settings” by clicking the lunch box icon on the system.

2. Then move on to “Account Management”.

3. View your “Profile” by clicking the option.

4. Click “Online ID” and it shows a message that not all applications and games will support an online ID change.

5. Select the “I Accept” option.

6. THis click will prompt a new page about you to Sign-in to your personal account.

7. On the next screen you’ll find your current online ID which has been displayed at the top of the screen. And there you’ll find an option to change your current online ID to a new one.

Note: Remember that the first PSN name correction is free and for further changes for next time you’ll be charged for any changes that you made there. So pick it slowly and make permanent changes for the first time.

PSN Name Change on Sony Website

1. Visit Sony’s Official Sign In homepage (

2. Logged in and found PlayStation Network.

3. Under PlayStation Network, you’ll need to select your PSN profile.

4. From Online ID, you’ll see an edit on it.

5. Select “I Accept when reminded that not all applications and game systems will support an online ID change.

6. From there you’ll find an online ID change option easily by accessing them.

7. Make changes correctly and click the OK option.

We hope that you’ll understand all these steps easily as tech info and apply these instructions on your online PSN Name ID change. If you have any queries,  feel free to leave your message at the contact us page.

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