How to Change Bank Account in PhonePe App

Like Paytm application, PhonePe is also a UPI encrypted platform that helps you to transfer money in a digital way.

If you have more than one bank account then you can easily add those bank accounts easily through PhonePe to minimize your transaction works.

The primary account is helpful for people those who want send and receive money instantly by using default settings on PhonePe account.

There is an option that enables you to select any bank account as your primary account. The PhonePe is officially integrated with BHIM UPI ID.

Steps to Check Your Primary (Default) Bank Account on PhonePe

1. Open ‘PhonePe app’ on your mobile.

2. Tap on ‘My Money’ option.

3. Under ‘Payments section’, Select ‘Bank Accounts’.

4. The ‘Green Tick’ mark is your default primary bank account.

The Definitive Guide to Change PhonePe Primary Bank Account

This is really easy step if you follow the below instructions one by one carefully.

1. Open ‘PhonePe App’ on your mobile.

2. From there you have to click ‘My Money’.

3. There you will able to see ‘Payments’ methods options and select ‘Bank Accounts’.

4. All your linked bank accounts will be displayed on there.

5. Click ‘Checkbox’ that you want to use the bank account as primary account.

6. After checkbox the desired bank account, the green color tick will appear.

7. A popup box will appear on your mobile screen and confirm by tapping ‘Yes’.

That’s it. Your primary account got changed successfully. Now you will be able to send and receive money using your bank account anytime from your smartphone.

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