How to Cast Samsung Galaxy S21 to TV

Do you know what mirroring makes it even more wandering on Samsung mobile to TV screen?

By displaying movies, shows and YouTube videos on a large screen you may feel the theater effect on those screens easily. Using Smart View, we can easily connect our Samsung mobile to Samsung Smart TV by using Wi-Fi connection. By making presentations, video games, movies and photos on large screens we may see more detailed versions so pointy.

Note: Settings may differ on variable Samsung devices and also experience may differ.

You have to know that Smart View is not available on all Samsung devices. Before using it you have to check whether this feature is available on all your devices and also try to connect these devices in the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Cast a Video from Samsung Mobile to TV

1. Find SmartThings app on your mobile phone and download and install it from Google PlayStore or Samsung Store.

2. Launch SmartThings app and click the “Share Screen” button. This process begins to share the current screen.

3. Make sure to check all your Samsung devices are in the same network.

4. Add your Samsung TV device to the app on your mobile and offer other access settings.

5. Now utilize your mobile phones as a television remote control.

How to Cast through Smart View App

By using the Smart View app on Samsung mobile, we can mirror a smartphone screen to TV over Wi-Fi network by basic technique which you are going to read below now.

Follow these simple procedures to cast the Samsung mobile screen.

1. On your Samsung mobile, Simply visit the Home screen and swipe down from the top screen to access the Quick panel.

2. From there, you need to tap the “Smart View” symbol to activate the feature.

3. Now select a device below to mirror your phone’s screen or play content. Here it shows all your connected devices on the same network you are using.

4. A pop-up window shows the title as “Start casting with Smart View?”

5. Click “Start Now”.

You have an option to change aspect ratio on your mobile by accessing the Smart View Settings tab. While adjusting…

  • Open Smart View then click More Options from the drop down menu.
  • By accessing the Settings menu, Select the phone aspect ratio which is going to display in the mirroring device.
  • Set aspect ratio as “Full screen on connected device.

Remember these settings procedures while mirroring your Samsung devices on the same network.

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