How to Become Educator on Unacademy

What is Unacademy?

Unacademy is an online teaching platform where students enroll and learn to crack Board exams, JEE, NEET, NET, TET, CET, UPSC, GATE, NDA, Air Force, Civil Services, SSC. In this platform, the highly professional unacademy educators teach the students. From 2020 most of the classes that are being conducted on the unacademy platform are live.

This platform ensures learning is engaging and interesting for students. Also all classes are conducted online. The Unacademy platform hires educators to teach students. Today here in this article, we will explain to you steps on how to become an Unacademy educator. Already thousands of teachers have registered on unacademy as an unacademy educator.

How To Become Unacademy Educator

In order to join the unacademy platform as a Unacademy Educator, you have to first install an unacademy educator app on your device from the google play store. Once you have installed the app, register yourself on the app and then follow these step by step procedures below.

Three Minutes Demo Video Process

Firstly, you need to clear three minute. You will have to choose any topic or subject for your unacademy 3 minutes demo video. In these three minutes, your voice, modulation, voice pitch, concept clarity, language fluency, voice engagement will be checked.

Make sure while on this Unacademy 3 minutes demo video, there will be no noise around you. Set up your device in a pin drop silence place. You are free to use images, pdf, ppt, word document in your Unacademy 3 minutes demo video. 

After you submit your unacademy 3 minutes demo video, it will then be reviewed by the unacademy team. Your view might get selected or rejected for various reasons. In the event it is rejected, you will be able to apply and record it again. Based on the comments that you have got from the unacademy team for your previous video, work and then submit the new one.

Pan Card Verification and KYC Process

Once your Unacademy 3 minutes demo video is selected, you will receive an email from the Unacademy team. After receiving, you need to do kyc and verify your pan card.

Five Oriental Video Lesson

Once after KYC completion, submit five oriented lessons of 10 minutes plus. Choose the class/course and the desired subject you would like to teach in unacademy and then make five oriental classes at free of cost.

Verify Google Form

Once your five oriental lessons of 10 minutes submission is done, contact the unacademy technical team by clicking on the “help me” section. After this, you will get a “google form” from the team. Here you need to fill all the details asked and submit it. Unacademy google form verification may take up to 1 month.

Interview Call & Special Educator 

Once your google form gets selected, the team will contact you through your registered mobile number for an interview call. If you get selected there, you will become a special educator and you can teach students in Unacademy and earn money out of it.

Hope this article helped you in gaining knowledge on how to become Unacademy educator. Share this with your friends.

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