Best Digital Banks in India

The evolution of technology and AI has changed the way we do things in the past. This revolution has also changed the banking industry with time and technology. As we are all aware that the smartphone price and mobile internet cost has decreased, people now tend to finish everything from their mobile. 

Smartphones have completely made our lifestyle easy . From shopping to booking movie tickets, everything can be done with the help of mobile. It isn’t also an exception. Now you’ll open a Digital Saving checking account and perform all the banking tasks from mobile apps, without one visit to any branches. You can even use these digital accounts for your Indane online gas booking process. It’s so simple to use and get instant notifications on your mobile from the account.

Best Zero Balance Digital Bank Account in India

  • Kotak 811
  • Axis Bank ASAP
  • Digisavings by DBS
  • Indus Online Savings Account by IndusInd Bank
  • Pockets by ICICI Bank
  • ICICI Bank Insta Save FD Account

Today here in this article, we will list you the best Zero Balance Digital Bank account in India. So read this article completely.

1. Kotak 811

Kotak 811 is on our top list for best Digital Savings Bank account in India. This account is launched by the Kotak Mahindra. You will be able to open your Kotak 811 Account by sitting at home by installing their mobile App or from their Official websites. 

Kotak 811 basically offers four variants,- 811 Limited KYC, 811 Lite,  811 Full KYC & 811 Edge Account.

2.  Axis Bank ASAP

Axis bank ASAP comes in second place on this list. The account has almost equivalent features and options as Kotak 811 Account. you’ll open your Zero balance Axis Bank ASAP digital Account with a legitimate PAN and Aadhaar Card and instantly get your Account Number and Virtual open-end credit Number. you’ll also get your NetBanking login ID just after opening the account by email.

3.  Digisavings by DBS

Digisavings is the first Digital Wallet cum Account which has been provided by Foreign Bank in India. It is one among the popular version in South-East Asia and is said to be one among the highest digital banks in Asia. you’ll open a Digisavings Account by installing this mobile app and authenticating the Aadhaar based OTP system. you’ve got to convert to a zero balance Digisavings Account by biometric verification at any DBS Bank branch in India.

4. Indus Online Savings Account by IndusInd Bank

Another Digital account in India, offered by IndusInd Bank with no minimum balance requirement. The essential features of Indus Online accounts are considerably almost like Kotak 811 and Axis Bank ASAP Account. you’ll get your Account Number instantly just after completing the Aadhaar OTP and PAN card verification. 

5. Pockets by ICICI Bank

Pockets is basically a mobile app launched by ICICI Bank, can easily be created by installing the App from the Android or iOS App Store.

You can convert the Pockets Digital Wallet to a zero balance regular bank account by completing the complete KYC. you’ll also get a Visa Virtual open-end credit which is also your Pockets Account number. you’ll register for the NetBanking service together with your Pockets Digital Wallet. you’ll see your Pockets Account at the sink menu of the My Account section.

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