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National Population Register (NPR Form) Time Table & Dates Information will be discussed here in this article. To update the National Population Register on 24 December 2019, The scheme has been updated.

The time table, Dates and Registration Schedule (Form) and Manual of NPR for this has been released by the Ministry of Home Affairs which depicts the census was done in the year 2011, according to which the population of India was 121 crores. All citizens of India will be able to download all figures for the National Population Register as a PDF offline. 

NPR is not new, it has to be updated every 10 years. In 2015, the central government carried out an NPR Update under which door to door surveys were taken. During that time mobile numbers and aadhaar numbers were collected as a part of the exercise. This time, however, no biometric & no identity proof will be collected.

We will be giving you all the information regarding the National Population Register (NPR) for the year 2020 and the important things about NCR. With a fund of Rs 3,900 crore this scheme has been initiated to update the National Population Register. The finalization of the National Population Register Form has been completely done by the Ministry of Home Affairs to collect data for NPR.

The two language English and Hindi NPR form got released for benefiting the people based on their convenience. This can be downloaded from the official website. All information on How to view NPR Time Table & Dates, How to download NPR Form 2020?, How to view National Population Register manual?  will be provided in detail in this article, So read the full article 

Difference between Census and NPR 

The census is the single largest source of a variety of statistical information on different characteristics of the people of India while NPR only contains demographic info, more details are required for census like information on demography, economic activity, literacy and education, and housing and household amenities besides others


The following are the benefits of National Population Register 2021 launched by the Central Government 

  • The process for census proposed by the Central Government can be completed in two different phases
  • Under Congress rule, the census of India has been calculated with the population of 121 crores at that time.
  • Around 330,000 enumerators were using their own smartphones and manual data will be generated in some places.
  • This census will be taken in 640 districts, 5,924 revenue, and 7,933 cities, according to the Union Minister’s statement.
  • 6, 40,932 villages will be included in this census with the scheme introduced now.
  • The information remains confidential. With this, anyone can add their name to the NPR in a self-declaration manner.


The following are the features of NPR form Register 2021 launched by the Central Government 

  • This census program is the 16th program after the census conducted during the Congress rule in 2011, through which information about the current population of India will be obtained.
  • From April 2020 the census starts. Different parts of the country were included in this.
  • 640 districts, 5,924 revenue, and 7,933 cities and 6, 40,932 villages will be included in this census.
  • The data of all the defendants will be kept safe in this census. The census process will be completed in two phases.
  • The amount of houses in the country will be counted first, thereby calculating the population second.

Booklet / Handbook Detailed Information

With the basis of self-attested information the form NPR Form can be filled. There are two sides A and B according to the booklet for the NPR. The details of the information required while filling the NPR form are given below

Questions asked so far

Side A

  • Name of the person in full
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Enumeration of the household
  • Census House Number and Household Number
  • Sex
  • Present Address
  • Serial Number
  • Pin code
  • Household Status
  • Number of members
  • Relationship to Head
  • Nationality as declared
  • Availability of member of the household
  • Educational Qualification
  • Occupation/Activity
  • Birth place
  • Marital Status
  • Passport Number

Side B

  • Voter ID Card Number
  • Permanent Residential Address
  • Serial Number
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Father, mother, and spouse details
  • Duration of stay and place of last residence
  • Mobile Number
  • Driving License Number

Necessary Documents

The appellant has to show any type of documents as evidence for the National Population Register according to the information given by Mr. Reddy. No need of any type of evidence in relation to the information given to any of the appellant.

Update regarding NPR – The National Citizenship Register in the Cabinet meeting, the Central Government has given citizens a free hand to share information about their place of birth. Now citizens are not required to share information related to their birthplace of their ancestors in NPR Form.

Steps to Download NPR Form PDF Online

Follow these steps given below if you want to download NPR form online through the official website of the Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

  • Click on “2020- Schedule“ On the right side of the home page.
  • The download pdf link will be there in both Hindi and English, Now click the PDF form and download it as per your convenience.
  • Note – Giving information about the NPR survey in Rajya Sabha, Home Minister Amit Shah said that no documents will be demanded in it. Apart from this, in the absence of any documents, the family member will not be placed in the list of “S” i.e. suspects.
  1. National Population Register Form (Hindi)
  2. National Population Register Form (English)

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