How to Apply Meghalaya e Pass (Entry Pass) Online

Due to a coronavirus outbreak in the world, The central government has announced a 21-day lock-down in India. Because of this a meghalaya e pass facility has been introduced for the owners of grocery/milk/chemist shops to ensure a smooth supply of all essential commodities. Additionally for the convenience of the common man, arrangements have been made for doctors, delivery boys and officials engaged in government work. 

With this pass people or groups engaged in all the necessary services can apply for Curfew e-Pass in online mode. Here in this article, we will provide you all information regarding official website ( Application form & Curfew e-Pass Online information, Curfew Pass application. So read this article completely

Service Details

Name of the Portal    – Meghalaya e Pass

Launched By      – Chief Minister Conrad Kongkal Sangma

Mode of Registration    –   Online

Beneficiaries      – Grocery / Milk / Chemist Shop Service Provider

Benefits      – Curfew e-Pass to the people

Category     –  Meghalaya Govt. Scheme

Official Website    –

Short Information

  • In the view of epidemic corona virus and number of patients infected with the coronavirus, the Narendra Modi government of the Center has announced a 21-day nationwide lock-down. The number of patients infected with the coronavirus has also increased rapidly in India.
  • After the announcement of lock-down in the entire country by the Central Government, many announcements have also been made by the Government of Meghalaya. Along with this, necessary steps are being taken by the state government to maintain the supply of items that are in daily use.
  • In the event of a 21-day nationwide lock-down by the Government of Meghalaya, a Curfew Pass has been arranged for the owners of grocery/milk/chemists, etc. services under the essential services. Through the curfew e-pass, service providers will be able to provide essential services to the common people without any hassle.
  • Along with this, delivery boys, government employees, doctors can also apply for meghalaya e passes. Service providers of all essential services and officers working for the service of the general public can also apply for curfew pass. You can apply for curfew e-pass through all official websites (
  • Here in this article, we will share with you all the necessary aspects regarding the eligibility of the person or group for the application of curfew e-Pass and its use. With this, we will also provide you a step-by-step guide along with the information of the required documents through which you can apply for curfew pass in online mode.


In the event of a lock-down across India, the District Magistrates of the state have been asked to ensure the availability of food and medical services in the state governments. Several guidelines have been issued in this regard by the Central and State governments.

Curfew Passes are being provided to service providers to ensure the availability of all necessary services till the time of this 21-day lock-down situation. Through these Curfew Pass, service providers will be able to access their services in Meghalaya without any hassle.

Steps Taken by the Meghalaya Government to Prevent Corona Infection

  • The Meghalaya government has taken several steps to prevent corona infection in the state. Here we are telling you some major steps taken by the state government.
  • The Meghalaya government has announced a package for the poor, separate from the central relief package.
  • Instructions have been given to open shops of grocery and other essential services in a fixed time from morning to evening.
  • The Ministry of Home Affairs has banned all tenants from taking room rent from any working class under the corona transition. If a landlord is found violating it, strict action will be taken against him.
  • Helpline numbers have also been issued by the Government of Meghalaya for immediate assistance to citizens in case of any kind of problem.
  • All citizens of the state can get help by calling helpline number 108 in case of any health-related problem.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be a resident of Meghalaya.
  • Applicants must hold the necessary documents mentioned below.

Necessary Documents

The following documents are considered necessary to apply for curfew e-Pass at the time of lock-down

  • Proof of Identity (Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card)
  • Document Proof as to why the PASS is required
  • Mobile Number

Application Procedure for Meghalaya e Pass online

The aspiring grocery/milk/chemist shop milk vendors and chemists in the state who would like to apply for curfew e-Pass must follow these simple steps given below

  • Search “curfew pass Meghalaya” on google and click on the first result given (to apply for Curfew Pass – e-Services Meghalaya).
  • Now the homepage of the website opens where you will see the Curfew Pass application form.
  • Here in this form fill all the relevant information like
  1. Name
  2. Mobile number
  3. Vehicle registration number
  4. Purpose of the application and click submit 
  • Your Meghalaya Lockdown Curfew Pass registration will be done this way. After this the Curfew Pass will be sent to your registered email id.

New Update – The Central and State Governments have announced a relief package in view of the infection of this epidemic. For information related to this, you can click on the link given and get information. Information about the relief package issued by the Central and State Government.

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