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The Government of Telangana has launched an integrated complaint remedy system for the development of the residents of the state. In this article we will be discussing the in and out information about IGRS Telangana integrated complaint remedy system. 

Through this portal, All the state residents can lodge complaints related to any subject. We here in this article will guide you how to do all the stuff and also the services which are available on the Integrated Grievance Redressal System portal.

Online Services related to registration, Encumbrance Certificate, Status, Stamp Duty have been started on the official website of registration.telangana.gov.in/ by Registration and Stamp Department, Government of Telangana.

With this, we are also gonna provide you with information regarding your Encumbrance Certificate registration in linear phase. There are a bunch of services available on the Unified Grievance Redressal System we will be discussing in detail about all. Here you can also find how to check the status of stamp duty.


The following are some of the benefits and facilities that the people of Telangana can avail 

  • The Value of a land property can be searched online using IGRS
  • Online search for prohibited property in the state can be availed through IGRS.
  • They can also search for an Encumbrance Certificate (EC).
  • Provides e-Stamp services to the public.
  • People can gather all information property, society, firm and marriage registration.
  • Chit funds information can be availed
  • State people can search their SRO (Sub-Registrar Office)
  • IGRS Telangana also provides information on notaries, stamp vendors, and Franking services.

Portal Details

All the important details regarding IGRS Telangana Portal are listed below. Check it out

Name of the Portal       – Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS)

Portal launched by       – Government of Telangana

Benefits of this Portal      –    Can avail all the facilities sitting at home

Objective of the portal     –    Stamping & Registration

Beneficiary      – Residence of the State

Official Website        –  registration.telangana.gov.in/


The Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS) is an official website which has been launched by the Telangana government for benefiting the residents of Telangana. Through this portal the citizens can file a complaint related to any subject. In many cases, citizens are not heard in government offices, in which case you can file the complaint of that officer online.

Additionally, you can use this portal for carrying out various processes related to your agricultural land. Without visiting the government office many types of documents can be accessed using this website. We request you to read this article from beginning to end, here we will provide you all the information related to it.

Services Available

As we discussed above, there are many services that are available on this portal. Those are listed below

  1. Encumbrance Search (EC)
  2. Certified Copy
  3. Society Registration
  4. Prohibited Property
  5. Market Value Search
  6. Marriage Registration
  7. Property Registration
  8. E – Stamp
  9. Firm Registration
  10. Department Users
  11. Know Your SRO
  12. Information on Chit Fund
  13. Stamp Vendors / Notaries / Franking Services

Facts about Encumbrance Certificate

The Encumbrance Certificate is considered as a very important document issued by the Registration and Stamp Department of the Government of Telangana. The key facts regarding Encumbrance Certificate are as follows.

  • All Details of the transactions related to the land and its duration 
  • Details of all property available of the registered person
  • Any gift received by the person will also be available in the document as information.

How to Search IGRS Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Online 

Follow the easy steps given below. If you want to search Encumbrance Certificate here, then please

  • Visit the official page registration.telangana.gov.in/
  • Click “Encumbrance Search (EC)”once the home page appears in the online services section.
  • A User Registration page will open now. You have to enter your user ID, password and captcha code here and click on Login.
  • If you are a new user, you have to register first by clicking Register and entering all the required information.
  • Once, after logging into the website, the e -Encumbrance Statement will open on the computer screen. 
  • Read this statement carefully and click Submit.
  • Now, a search page opens. Here you will be given two options.
  1. Search by Document No.
  2. Search by Form Entry.
  • You select one of the options, Enter the year of your registration and the first letter of their SRO name/code and click on “Submit” while filling the form.
  • You will be able to see the online e-Encumbrance certificate on your computer and mobile screen if you have done all the steps given above.

How to Know your Sub-Registrar Office (SRO) Online

Follow these step by step process if you want to know about your Sub-Registrar Office (SRO)

  • Visit registration.telangana.gov.in/
  • Click on the “Know Your SRO” link in the “Browse” section on the homepage.
  • Now, you will be given two options on the next page. Choose between “Know your Jurisdiction SRO” and “Village Directory”.
  • After choosing your district, division, and village, the information related to you will appear on the computer screen.

Integrated Grievance Redressal System Mobile Application

You can perform all the actions and steps which we have discussed using your mobile also by installing the official application of IGRS T Registration App. For this you have to follow the simple steps below.

  • Go to Google play store.
  • Type IGRS T Registration App in the search box.
  • The application will appear in front now.
  • Click on the application and install the app.

Helpline Desk

If you face any issues or difficulties while performing any of those steps mentioned above then you can contact the official toll free numbers and Email ID given by the Telangana Government 

  • Toll-free Helpline Number –  18005994788
  • WhatsApp Number – 9121220272
  • Email ID – grievance-igrs@igrs.telangana.gov.in

We hope, we have been provided with enough information regarding IGRS Telangana. If you find this article useful, then bookmark our site by showing your support.

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