How to Delete Vedantu Account

how to delete vedantu account

Vedantu has occupied one of the biggest portions in the online learning market. Through Vedantu, you will be able to learn the subject practically from the experts. All classes conducted through Vedantu are live. Today here in this article, we will provide you information on how to delete a Vedantu account in a step by … Read more

How to Become Educator on Unacademy

how to become educator on unacademy

What is Unacademy? Unacademy is an online teaching platform where students enroll and learn to crack Board exams, JEE, NEET, NET, TET, CET, UPSC, GATE, NDA, Air Force, Civil Services, SSC. In this platform, the highly professional unacademy educators teach the students. From 2020 most of the classes that are being conducted on the unacademy … Read more

How to Delete Swiggy Account

how to delete swiggy account

These days, everyone likes to have good food. With the launch of Swiggy, the food delivery app, delivery of food is made simple and customers don’t have to visit restaurants and hotels to have food. Just with some simple clicks you can order food and the delivery person will deliver your food at your place.  … Read more

How to Delete BYJU’S Account

how to delete byjus account

BYJU’S is one of the biggest learning apps in India that helps students learn easily. Today in this article, we will provide you information on How to Delete BYJU’S from your device completely. This includes deletion of your personal data too. If you have installed BYJU’S – The Learning App app on your Iphone, Ipad … Read more

How to Cancel Order on Zomato

how to cancel order on zomato

In this modern time, people are not visiting restaurants to eat and since corona virus has shook the world. Orders are spiked enormously in these food delivery apps. The main advantage of ordering foods through these kind of delivery app is that it saves a lot of time and keeps you safe during this pandemic … Read more