How to Close HDFC Bank Account

how to close hdfc bank account

НDFС bаnk іѕ the leading private sector bank in India that offers best ѕеrvісе for its customers. According to the nеw gоvеrnmеnt rulеѕ all bank customers have to maintain some amount as minimum balance every month. Тhе mіnіmum bаlаnсе for people living in Urbаn аrеа іѕ Rѕ. 5000 and Rurаl Аrеаѕ іѕ Rѕ. 3000. In … Read more

Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

best bus simulator games for android

 Hi, hope you are doing well. Today in this article, we will list you the Best Bus Simulator Games for Android available in the Google Play Store. Bus Simulator Games are great games that offer you a practical experience of actually driving a Bus. Due to its experience, the Bus Simulator games have become most … Read more

Best Trading App in India

best trading app in india

Stock trading is one among the foremost lucrative investment options. With the arrival of online trading and trading apps, you’ll swiftly trade the stock exchange without the effort of finding a broker and dumping yourself into a lot of paperwork. there’s numerous trading apps within the market but if you’re getting to start trading or … Read more

Best Payment App in India

best payment app in india

As more and more Indians shift towards digital payment systems, the online payment industries have seen massive changes. For the past two decades, the Point of Sales (PoS) machines have been ruling for payments in the small business as well as individuals. With an increase in mobile internet connectivity and the drive to cashless payment … Read more

How to Delete Pins on Pinterest

how to delete pins on pinterest

Do you know that Pinterest is an American Social Media site that encourages you to share images in animated GIFs and high quality videos using pinboards. The headquarters of Pinterest, Inc is in San Francisco, California. Ben Silbermann is now the CEO of Pinterest, Inc. Around 480 million people are actively using this website and … Read more