How to Unlock Home Screen Layout in Redmi

In Redmi, Home screen Layout lock is with a component that bolts your phone home screen format, enclosing things from being moved around or erased. On your gadget home screen, you’ll accidentally be moved or erase the application?

It isn’t the foremost concerning issue, yet it might be irritating once you get to discover the application again and reestablish its symbol on the house screen. Android-based Redmi clients (Note 7/Note 7 pro/Note 8/Note 8 Pro/ Redmi 9 Pro Max) would now be ready to empower the “Lock Home screen format” setting to prevent such trouble happening. 

If you actually want to understand the way to unlock the screen layout in Redmi then we request you to read this article completely.

Home Screen Layout Benefits

Here we list some of the benefits of Unlock Home Screen Layout in Redmi Android Gadgets.

  • Home screen layout lock helps in uninstalling or moving the apps on the home screen which you intend not to. 
  • You will also be able to resize your device icon size and home screen layout to 4*6 or 5*6 as per your choice. 
  • I actually like this icon size option in home screen layout and maintained icon size XS to XL.

Redmi Features

Redmi is additionally known for its customization options. Be it dark mode, ability to switch font size, or maybe change the amount of icons being displayed on the house screen, this skin has an option for everything. Further, what’s best about it’s, there’s no installation required, rather everything is made right into the phone.

Unlock Your Xiaomi Redmi Home Screen Layout

Redmi is one of the renowned smartphone brands that has a huge audience base in India and across the world. Few years ago, their smartphones are called as low budgeted. In these times, they are releasing low budget smartphones with adding new features like Home Screen Layout Lock screen.

Here is the step by step procedure that you can follow to unlock the home screen layout in Redmi.

  • First of all, open your Redmi mobile phone (Note 7/Note 7 pro/Note 8/Note 8 pro/ Redmi 9 Pro Max).
  • Navigate to the Settings option and then scroll down to see the Home Screen option.
  • After this, hit the Home Screen layout feature.
  • Now, Unlock or lock your Home screen layout screen.

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