How to Take Screenshot in Samsung M31

Screenshot is one of the important things that is useful to capture your desired screen on Samsung mobile. Be it to capture a flash from social media or high score of a game or sharing your payment, screenshot is the only way to share. Today in this article, we will provide you information on how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy. So read this article completely.

There are multiple ways that you can follow to capture a screenshot on Galaxy M31. In this article, we will explain to you four different methods of taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M31. You can choose any one method from this and can take screenshot on the spot.

Capture Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M31 Using Hardware Keys

The first and most common way of capturing a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M31 is using the hardware keys. Follow the steps below to capture your screen using this method

  • First, navigate to the desired page that you would like to capture a screenshot.
  • After this, press and release Volume down and power buttons simultaneously.
  • You will see a flash on your screen, after which you will see the screenshot tool strip at rock bottom of the screen for a couple of seconds.
  • Use these tools to capture the screen with the scroll option or edit the screenshot. If you don’t do anything, the screenshot is going to be saved automatically.

Screenshot on Galaxy M31 Using Your Palm

  • First go to Settings->Advanced Features->Motions and gestures.
  • Swipe the switch to the proper to configure the palm swipe option.
  • After it is configured, you can take screenshots with your palm
  • Now, go to the page that you want to screenshot and place your palm on the sting of the M31’s screen and slide your palm across the screen. 
  • In the end, you will see a screen flash and shrink, it shows that you have screenshotted the page successfully.

Take Screenshot Using Assistive Touch Menu

  • First navigate to Settings->Accessibility->Interaction and dexterity.
  • Toggle the Assistant Menu on and then you will see the Assistive menu
  • Go to the page that you want to screenshot.
  • Hot the Assistant Menu icon and choose the Screenshot option.
  • It will take the screenshot and save it to the device.

Long Screenshot or Scroll Screenshot on Galaxy M31

Sometimes, you would like to screenshot a page on Samsung mobile which doesn’t fit into a single page of the device. In that situation, you have to scroll and take the screenshot on Galaxy M31

  • Go to the screen and content the way you want to capture
  • Take a screenshot of that page with palm, buttons or using the assistive menu.
  • When you see the tool strip, hit the scrolling capture button until the next page and capture the screen.
  • While you tap the button, it adds extra length to the screenshot unless you reach the top of the screen.

So we have provided the complete guide on how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M31. Thanks for reading this article.

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