How to Activate Missed Call Alert in Airtel

Hi Readers! How are you doing? Today in this article, we will be discussing the Airtel Missed call alert. Sometimes we might miss some important phone calls from home, work, or friends in such a situation missed call alerts on your number are often of great use. No got to miss out on this utility service.

Do you know that you simply can activate the Airtel Missed call alert for free? Yes, that’s true. So you’ll activate this must-have service on your number too for free of charge.

Airtel Missed Call Alert

If you don’t know about the Airtel Missed Call Alert service, then we must tell you this is a very good service for all mobile phone subscribers. With the help of the Missed Call Alert feature, you can  get to know about missed calls via text messages from network. 

Sometimes, your mobile gets switched off due to battery issues or we may be out of coverage. All these are common problems that we face in day-to-day life from Airtel network. In this situation, we will miss some important phone calls, which might be very important.

Let us now get into how you can activate missed call alerts on Airtel.

Wondering how to activate Missed call alert on Airtel? Let’s provide you steps on how to activate this service. After activating this feature, you will never miss out on important phone calls.

You will get instant notification via SMS. To activate Airtel Missed call alert, you would like to dial *321*881# and press 1 for activation. you’ll receive a notification that Missed call alert service has been activated on your number.

Airtel Missed Call Alert Number

*321*881#Missed Call Alert activation
*321*883#Missed Call alert deactivation
Send START to 121Missed Call Alert activation

Method 1: How to Activate Airtel Missed Call Alert

Follow these steps below to Activate your Airtel Missed Call Alert

  • Open Dial Pad on your phone.
  • Enter Airtel Missed Call Alert USSD Code *321*881# or 321*885#
  • Reply with 1 to start out Airtel Missed Call Alert.
  • Shortly, you’ll receive a confirmation message for activation.
  • Now, you’ll start receiving alerts for all missed calls.

Airtel Missed Call Alert Code

To activate Airtel missed call alert on your number, you would like to dial ussd Code *321*881#. just in case this USSD code doesn’t work then you’ll try 321*885#.

At any time, if you do not want to continue this service then you’ll dial *321*883# to deactivate Airtel Missed call alerts.

Method 2: Airtel Missed Call Alert Free Activation

  • If method 1 doesn’t work then you’ll do this one. It allows the choice to activate and deactivate services using SMS. Yes, you’ll send one SMS to start out or stop any service on your number.
  • Type START and send it to 121. you’ll receive a message with an entire service list. Choose Missed Call alert from this list. Confirm your selection to start out the service.
  • Soon, you’ll receive a message with service activation confirmation.
  • Open the Message box on your phone.
  • Type START
  • Send to 121
  • Select Missed Call alert from the Menu.
  • Confirm the choice.
  • You will get a confirmation message on your mobile number.

In these ways, you will activate your Airtel Missed Call Alert, Share this article with your friends and family who use sim and watch our space for more tech related information.

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