How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Issues

In this article we are going to cover all galaxy note 20 smart phones issues that are solved one by one.

Fix Overheating Problem

If you are facing overheating issue on your favorite Samsung Galaxy Note 20 mobile then follow this step by step process now.

1. Close all Apps running in the background

  • Tap ‘Recent key’.
  • View all running android apps.
  • Click ‘Close All’ button to completely close all running apps.

2. Remove Phone Case

3. Disable unused services like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Location, GPS, Mobile Data, etc.,

4. Reset App Preferences

  • View Settings
  • Tap on Apps
  • On Top Right Corner click 3 Dot Vertical button
  • Select Reset App Preferences
  • Click Reset button to complete action.

5. Clear System Cache

  • Switch off your device
  • Press & hold Volume Up and Power button.
  • Continue to hold both buttons until Android Recovery menu options appear on the screen.
  • Press Volume down button and navigate to Wipe cache partition
  • Press Power button to select
  • Press Volume down button to highlight Yes, then press Power button to select
  • When the process is complete, Reboot system now is displayed.
  • Press Power button again to restart the device.

6. Update Android Software to latest version

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap on Software Update
  • Click Download and Install option to update your phone OS.

7. Factory Reset

  • Switch off your mobile.
  • Then press and hold Bixby or Power button and Volume Up button for 10 seconds.
  • When android logo appears, release both keys and wait until Android Recovery menu appears.
  • Use Volume Down button to move and select ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’.
  • Press Power button to select option
  • Use Volume Down button and highlight Factory data reset option.
  • Press Power button again to proceed
  • After factory reset completes, your phone will reboot.

Black screen (Frozen Unresponsive Screen)

1. Force Restart your Galaxy Note20 device

  • Press and Hold both Volume Down and Power Key buttons for 10 seconds.
  • The device will boot up.
  • When Samsung Logo appears on the screen, release both buttons completely and wait to complete the boot steps.

If it won’t fix the problem then try another method which is shown below.

2. Connect Your Charger & Force Restart

  • Plug in your power adapter
  • Connect your Note 20 to its charger.
  • Check charging sign is shown or not.
  • Leave it to charge for at least 10 minutes.
  • Still charging your device press and hold both volume down and power buttons simultaneously for 10 sec.
  • If Android Logo appears, release both buttons.

Won’t connect to internet

1. Restart both Router & Mobile Phone

  • Unplug your Wi-Fi router
  • Leave it for a minute
  • Force restart your Galaxy Note 20 by holding volume down and power key button for 10 seconds
  • When android logo appears release the button
  • While device become active, then try to connect your device with Wi-Fi router.

2. Re-establish your Devices

  • Tap Settings
  • Click Connections and there you have to select Wi-Fi
  • Click Gear icon and touch Forget.
  • While scanning it will detect you network, Click on it
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password and Tap Connect.

3. Reset your Network Settings

  • Open Settings.
  • Find General Management and click on it.
  • Click Reset and select Reset network settings option.
  • Tap Reset settings button
  • Now enter your security lock or password
  • Again click Reset button to reset network settings.

Can’t make or receive phone calls

1. Do the Force Restart.

2. Make sure there is a reception

3. Reset Phone App

  • Find Phone icon
  • Tap and hold those icon until the option shows
  • Select App info
  • Click Storage
  • Tap Clear Data
  • Select OK to confirm

4. Reset Network Settings

5. Factory reset your phone

Keeps Lagging

1. Close Background Android Apps

2. Restart your phone in Safe Mode

3. Wipe Cache Partition

4. Reset all Settings

5. Factory Reset your Phone

Fingerprint Scanner Problem

1. Clean your mobile Screen

2. Remove Screen Protector

3. Increase screen sensitivity

  • Open Settings by clicking Gear icon.
  • Tap on Display
  • Selecct Touch Sensitivity
  • Toggle to ON.

4. Remove old fingerprints and add new

To delete fingerprint then follow

  • Open Settings and Tap on Biometrics and security
  • Click Fingerprints
  • Type PIN, Password or Pattern
  • Select fingerprints to remove
  • Tap on remove and confirm it.

To add new fingerprints then follow

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Biometrics and Security
  • Tap on Fingerprints
  • Type in PIN, Pattern or Password
  • Select Add fingerprint.
  • Follow all steps to scan your fingerprint
  • Tap Done.

5. Wipe Cache Partition

6. Factory reset your phone.

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