Best Cricket Games for Android

There is a big competition in the world of gaming across the globe now. There are hundreds of mobile cricket games listed on Google Play Store. Here in this article, we will list you the best android users in 2021. 

Cricket is one among the foremost popular sports across the world , and with the digital revolution, the fans engage a lot of time with these sport games through digital mediums. The universe likes to talk about the game, and also play the game . The screen time of the many individuals has increased over the years.

Cricket fans who are not able to play out with their friends physically prefer gaming on their devices. Several game developers have captured this issue and then built some good android games with high-quality graphics. Earlier, due to limited RAM of smartphones, it didn’t allow games to run smoothly.

Since the revolution of technology has happened, Android games have also seen a massive evolution. This has led to a big competition in the gaming world. While there are tons of android cricket games out there. We have selected the best games. Here we go.

Top Four Android Cricket Games

1. World Cricket Championship

The world cricket championship is one among the foremost popular game in India. Currently world cup championship 3 is the latest version from next wave multimedia. The developers really improved the sport experience from the primary version. You’ll play different models, sort of a test, T20, ODI, and more and even participate in auctions too. The dimensions of this game is about 687 M.B in size and is out there for free of charge .

2. Real Cricket 20

Real cricket 20 is another best game in India that gets the second position on this list. The simplest thing about this game is the graphics. If you are feeling WCC games are unrealistic and appear like sticky characters sometimes, then you ought to definitely check this game out. I actually just like the graphics on this game. The size of the game is about 570 M.B and is out there for free of charge

3. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is another popular game in India. When it had been first announced, I felt really excited about this game but the outcome was not that great . But lately, the team has upgraded the gaming experience. The champions have their own way of bringing real game experience. The size of the game is 180 M.B and is available free.

4. Wcc Rivals

The next wave of multimedia just announced multiplayer cricket games for Android. The app is out there on Google Play for free of charge to download and play.

According to the corporation , WCC rivals the First ever 2v2 multiplayer during a game. Play with 3 other friends or strangers. The sport allows you to play a real-time Cricket 1v1 Multiplayer game on mobile. the opposite players can bowl in real-time while you are batting.

The other neatest thing is you’ll actually Conduct/host your own Cricket Tournaments. The dimensions of this game is about 161 M.B in size.

That’s it, I hope we have provided you with the best cricket games for android, comment your best one in the comment section and share this article with your friends.

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